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New Concrete Installation

You may need to add new concrete around your home or business; or your old concrete has been left too long and cannot be repaired or resurfaced. For these instances we also offer concrete flat-work, including sidewalks, walkways, garage pads driveways, flooring, or patios. Whether the project is large or small, commercial or residential, we’ can help with your new concrete installations.

We will help you from planning the project to final concrete finishing. The majority of our projects involve the following:

  • Excavation of the area
  • Backfill with road crush
  • Install 10 mm rebar at 18 inch centres
  • Pour four inches of 30 MPA concrete
  • Finish with a broom finish
  • Cut control joints
  • Seal with cure and seal sealer

What this means to you as a consumer is that we are laying a structurally sound concrete over a very strong foundation that will hold up to the freeze thaw cycles that we experience in our region.

You can also add one of our decorative coatings to the surface. This will give you piece of mind as it is impervious to erosion by salt or de-icing agents that can harm concrete.


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